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The website has been established as the definitive source on PrOH Modelling for PrOH Modelling Methodology users.

The website contains tools, case studies, links to academic works and games based on the PrOH Modelling Methodology. It also contains an application to assist users to process data and draw PrOH Models. is a not-for-profit community founded to benefit the use and development of PrOH Modelling, PrOH Modellers, the beneficiaries of PrOH Modelling applications and to further systems thinking and action research theory.

‘PrOH’ Modelling is an abbreviation for ‘Process Oriented Holonic’ Modelling. ‘PrOH’ is pronounced ‘pro’ with a silent ‘h’ and rhymes with ‘show’ as in ‘show and tell’.

PrOH Modelling is a type of soft systems methodology that is used to enquire into and improve complex systemic organizational process problems. As a soft systems methodology PrOH Modelling emphasizes understanding, definition, consensus building and action taking to solve problems. It is particularly useful in processes that are dependent on lots of human activity and decision making, have a high degree of subjectivity and have numerous different stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and opinions. PrOH Modelling is best used in an action research or intervention based context where a researcher is an active participant in organizational strategy and operations and is able to maintain an independent and objective perspective.

The website exists for the community of PrOH Modellers. This includes those who wish to use it for academic research projects such as masters dissertation or doctoral theses, those who wish to use it for change projects in their own organizations, or in a consulting capacity in other organizations. We also welcome users to develop the method and share new case study examples with the community.

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How PrOH Modelling works

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PrOH Modelling works because it is a soft systems methodology that has simple rules and guidelines that can be applied to a specific type of activity: which is to investigate and resolve complex systemic process oriented challenges. PrOH Modelling give visually appealing models that have very little codification and are ready to be used in presentations to managers. PrOH Models can be easily produced in non-proprietary software although new software using artificial intelligence can be used (PrOH Modeller).

Other comparable approaches can be more conceptual and hence more difficult to comprehend, they also have wider applicability in general problem solving making them less useful to for the investigation and remediation of complex systemic process challenges.

What are the benefits of PrOH Modelling?

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Become a soft systems methodology user

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Create impactful actions and research

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Engage with process / systems managers to improve organizational performance

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Build consensus for taking action and changing organization process, systems and strategies

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Become a reflective researcher / manager using abductive logic

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Use a structured approach to enquire into and build systems models

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Become a confidence researcher and presenter with strong people-centered skills

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Be novel, differentiated and distinctive!

Why PrOH Modelling

"In addition to delivering improvement projects PrOH Modelling can develop your professional and personal skills. These include: enhanced investigative skills, objectivity and rationalization of thought, increased ability to process qualitative data, better presentation skills, and more effectively dealing with people, personalities and conflict in systems. You will develop transferable skills to be able to work across a variety of sectors in manufacturing and services of all sizes.

Professor Ben Clegg


“PrOH Modelling is an advanced methodology designed to understand and enhance complex organisational systems. Using this approach, we conducted participatory action research in a variety of organisational settings which led to profound changes. PrOH Modelling encourages collaboration and inclusivity, allowing all stakeholders to actively participate and contribute to transformative efforts. PrOH Modelling is rigorous yet practicable and delivers impactful change to current organisational processes and practices”.

Dr Krishna Balthu


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We are a community of people interested in PrOH Modelling. It does not matter to us if you have just read about PrOH Modelling for the first time or you are an expert PrOH Modeller user. We welcome people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds to join our community. The main requirement is an interest in soft systems methodologies, action research and a desire to want to improve the performance of organizations you work with. 

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